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Long Weekend Surf Report For Beginner & Intermediate Surfers 27th, 28th And 29th January

Updated: Jan 26

Thanks for the amazing response to our first online surf report last week! The conditions aren't looking as good as last weekend but there will still be some fun windows! Especially for beginners!

Beginner and Intermediate Surfers Weekend Surf Report
Tarryn - Out of the shop and into a left last weekend!

Saturday 27th January

Swell - 0.8 -1.3m (3-4ft) A small swell rising through the arvo.

Wind - 9 -15knts North, North-West. Lighter winds in the morning getting strong after midday.

High Tide - 11.42am

Low Tide - 5.58pm

Saturday should be fun for all levels before the wind picks up around midday. Wind from the north is still pretty favourable for Muriwai Beach and almost offshore as long as it doesn't have any west in it.

Beginners - Our pick for Saturday is 9am - midday. The conditions should be small and fun with gentle white water great for learning.

Look Out!! The outgoing tide in the afternoon won't be good so avoid if possible.

Advanced Beginners - Our pick is again 9am - midday with the incoming tide. It should be small enough to try paddle out a bit further and get on some unbroken waves.

Look Out!! Avoid the arvo, anytime after 2pm won't be worth it.

Intermediates - Early will be the best bet to get it without the wind. There might also be a high tide window.

Look Out!! Avoid the arvo, anytime after 2pm won't be worth it.

Sunday 28th January

Monday 29th January Auckland Anniversary

If you're keen to book in for a lesson this weekend just click here

Surf report is accurate as of 11am 26/1/24 and is directed at surfers not taking surf lessons with us.

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