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Progress your surfing to the next level by joining our Advanced Beginner course!

Twice a week
New topic every lesson

Coming into its 6th year, our Advanced Beginner (AB) has been an extremely popular stepping stone for surfers looking to progress past beginner level. AB is designed for surfers that have surfed about 1-2 years and want to learn all the fundamentals of surfing or are stuck in the white whiter without the confidence to paddle out further.
10 lessons over 5 weeks, we focus on giving you the skills to identify the right type of waves for your level and how to put yourself in the right position using the rips and currents.

 Your will learn about surf etiquette, how to read surf reports correctly, how to use the rip to get out the back, how to position yourself and catch unbroken waves.
We will be using video analyses to help you improve surfing techniques such as your pop-up, turning and generating speed. Video analyses is the best way to help you progress quickly.
Our goal is to give you the skills and confidence to get your surfing to the next level in a fun and safe environment. 

September 24th - October 25th Wed 6pm & Sun1pm

October 7th - November 6th Sat1pm & Mon 6pm
November 12th - December 13th Wed 6pm & Sun1pm 
January 10th - February 11th Wed 6pm & Sun1pm

March 3rd - April 3rd Wed 6pm & Sun1pm




Created the AB Program in 2018 and loves sharing his local knowledge to help surfers progress quickly. He's that calming voice you need to help you push your limits.


Years Surfing: 20+ 

Years Coaching: 13

Favourite NZ break: Muriwai Beach

Fav overseas break: French Beachies

Favourite move: Barrel



In his third season working with us and second taking the Advanced Beginners. Thomas has lots of energy and always good vibes!


Years Surfing: 9+ 

Years Coaching: 5

Favourite NZ break: Shippies

Fav overseas break: Uluwatu

Favourite move: Barrel


Jay is an extremely experienced instructor with a wealth of surfing knowledge. You're in safe hands when you're in the water with him!  

DSC04018 2.jpg

Years Surfing: 12+

Years Coaching: 6+

Favourite NZ break: Shippies

Fav overseas break: Angourie

Favourite move: Barrel

DSC05333 4.jpg
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