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Tropical Surf Trip


June 13th-20th


7 Nights 7 Days

June 20th-27th


Simeulue, North Sumatra, Indonesia 



June 29th-July 6th


Advanced Beginner Plus




Beautiful, uncrowded, tropical waves that will help you push your level and progress.

If you've done intermediate lessons with us before, you'll know what to expect!
In-depth, technical, individual feedback with help selecting and positioning yourself to get good waves from our experienced instructors.

Most sessions will be photographed or videoed allowing us to review between surfs. You will get
2 surfs every day in the most suitable conditions for your level.

Surfing long pealing waves will give you the chance to work on your manoeuvres, using video coaching we will be perfecting techniques. The area has an incredible variety of waves allowing us to surf reefs, beaches,
lefts and rights depending on the conditions.

A group environment that is encouraging, supportive and will be helping you push your limits.





Professional in water surf coaching helping you to select, position and catch the best waves


Video and photo analysis to review and improve surfing techniques


A local expat surf guide and transport to the island’s best spots


7 Nights accommodation in luxury villas with all amenities (free Wi Fi, swimming pool, entertainment hub with lounge and bar, etc.)


Local Airport transfers to and from the resort by our friendly staff



You will be staying in a luxury villa right on the beach overlooking the
Indian Ocean in scenic Lantik Bay on the Tropical Island of Simeulue.

The villa features a
newly constructed pool, private western bathtubs with hot water and Air-conditioning and a very spacious balcony surrounded by landscaped gardens. This is a very private location with stunning ocean views to relax and chill out.

You will have access to an entertainment hub with Bar / Lounge area, a restaurant and everything you need to chill out (TV with Netflix & Sports channels, Bluetooth sound system, free Wi-Fi, Table Tennis, Darts, Games, Books & more).




Indonesia is world renowned for being the ultimate surf destination. This makes a lot of areas very busy with surf tourism think Bali, Lombok.


Where we're heading is a little off the beaten track still and so we'll be hoping to find slightly less crowded waves and a more authentic Indonesian experience.  


We'll be staying and surfing on the west coast of Simeulue Island, which is a short flight from North Sumatra.

You will find beautiful deserted beaches, caves, forests, wildlife, culture in the small towns all over the island, lakes, waterfalls and of course perfect, uncrowded surf breaks! Local shops are found everywhere on the island, and they will provide you with everything you need.

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Fly to Medan KNO international airport in Sumatra. Then catch a 1-hour domestic flight to Simeulue. You can fly to Medan KNO via either Malaysia KL or Singapore.

The flight from Auckland will arrive in Medan by mid morning, we will provide accommodation in Medan for one night and catch a Lion Air Wings domestic flight from Medan to Simeulue early the next day.

 Similarly, for the return flight it is best to take a night flight out of Medan as the Lion Air Wings flight departs Simeulue at 1:45pm arriving in Medan from Simeulue at 2:50pm.

Please note that flight costs from Auckland to Medan are not covered in the price (but Medan to Simeulue are, we'll also help make sure you're on the right flights and it all goes smoothly).




Dylan has over 20 years of experience riding the waves. He is a very experienced instructor having taken courses, tours and lessons all around the world (Zanzibar, Europe, Australia and NZ). Dylan is that calming voice you need to help you push your limits and, with many indo trips under his belt, you can feel comfortable that you're in safe hands



Zen is an experienced instructor who has been surfing his whole life. He has excellent technical knowledge having coached elite surfers for many years. Zen has represented NZ in big international competitions many times so you are getting feedback from one of NZ's best instructors and surfers. 

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  • How do I book in?
    Register interest online via the 'book now' button.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Here's a quick run down on things you might need for the trip: Surfboards - As we're traveling to a semi remote location, I'd recommend bringing two boards in case one gets damaged. We're happy to help with any surfboard recommendations. Surf equipment - Tropical surf wax, 2 sets of fins + fin key, 2 legropes, zink/sun cream, first aid kit. Surf wear - A couple of pairs of comfortable boardshorts and a rash vest to keep warm. As it's a Muslim destination, women will need surf leggings (can possibly surf in boardshorts but I'll need to double check) and a long sleeve rash vest. Reef booties are also great for getting in and out of the surf. Mosquito Repellent - A good mosquito repellent and light long sleeve/pants clothing for evening protection. Travel Insurance - This is required to come on the trip. Toiletries - Just your normal stuff, we supply you with bath towels, soap/shampoo Don’t worry if you forget something as most toiletries can be purchased on the Island. Clothes - 3 T-Shirts + long-sleeved cotton shirt or jacket, sunglasses, sandals / jandals, a good hat, beach towel. Cash - Enough Cash for the entire stay, remember NO credit card cards accepted and limited access to ATM machine with MasterCard cards and Visa cards only. Passport - with AT LEAST 6 months remaining on your passport or you will not be allowed to enter Indonesia. First Aid - Bring a personal first aid kid with the medicine you normally take.
  • Are there any religious restrictions on Simeulue island?
    Yes. Simeulue people, though very friendly, maintain their strong Muslim beliefs. Therefore, Men & Women are respectfully asked to dress moderately when outside the resort grounds. Men are expected to wear a shirt and footwear, Women a long skirt or trousers and something to cover their shoulders and this, unfortunately, means no bikini, tank tops when out in town. Surfing and Swimming, we recommend men wear board shorts and a rash shirt if you like. Women either a one-piece swimsuit with long tights or board shorts with a rash vest. Recently, locals are getting used to westerners and we are seeing some women wearing bikinis bottoms with a rash shirt at certain surf spots. So it is ok most of the time. We can also arrange boat trips to secluded islands where dress is not an issue. We are sure that with a little common sense and respect for the culture, you are in there will be absolutely no issues. If you have any questions on this, please just ask.
  • Are there any COVID restrictions?
    As far as the covid vaccination requirements are concerned the Indonesian government (immigration) are no longer checking for proof of covid vaccination.
  • Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my trip?
    The 50% deposit is non refundable, the rest will be on a case by case basis depending on; -How far in advance you cancel. -If a replacement can be found to take your place.
  • What surfing level is this trip for?
    Majority of the waves are for intermediate surfers + so we are looking to take surfers that have completed the Advanced Beginner Plus program or who felt very comfortable out the back during their Advanced Beginner program.
  • Do I get a private room in our accomodation?
    The Luxury Villas are twin share with each room will have two single beds in it. Depending on the configuration of the trip we will do our best to get men and woman seperate.
  • Are there any shops around the accomodation?
    Yes, but we recommend you bring everything you need from home.
  • Should I be concerned about Malaria?
    It is a matter of personal choice whether to take anti-malarial medication. Mosquitos are annoying and can transmit deadly diseases. However, there is extremely little malaria and dengue fever on Simeulue Island. A fan turned on during the night is effective in deterring mosquitos. Please be aware to put on mosquito repellant in the early mornings and evenings when they are most active. We suggest applying plenty of mosquito repellent, but if you are very concerned consult your doctor and bring some anti-malarial medication.
  • What are the evacuation plans in case of a tsunami?
    The Resort is within a short walking distance from the nearby hills with a marked access road leading to higher ground close by. There are sirens in the nearby mosques and warnings are issued on all local TV.