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Weekend Surf Report For Beginner & Intermediate Surfers 10th & 11th February

Some really fun looking waves this weekend if you surf at the right time!

Beginner and Intermediate Surfers Weekend Surf Report
Surf instructor Odin on a small day!

Saturday 10th February

Swell - 1 -1.2m

Wind - Light NE offshore

High Tide - 10.48am

Low Tide - 5.02pm

Beautiful, small conditions for Saturday should mean awesome waves for all levels!

Beginners - The sand banks are awesome for learning at the moment with really good whitewater waves. All morning will be great until the tide starts to get low.

Look Out!! If possible avoid 4pm onwards .

Advanced Beginners - Try get in the water a few hours before high tide but also expect that to be the busiest time, if you're confident paddling out don't wait for the tide go early.

Look Out!! Remember your surf etiquette if you're out the back.

Intermediates - The morning will be best as there's potential for the wind to swing in the arvo .

Look Out!! Remember your surf etiquette!

Sunday 11th February

Surf report is accurate as of 7am 9/2/24 and is directed at surfers not taking surf lessons with us.

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