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Weekend Surf Report For Beginner & Intermediate Surfers 16th and 17th March

Some really fun looking waves this weekend if you surf at the right time!

Beginner and Intermediate Surfers Weekend Surf Report
The girls in the shop having way too much fun!

Saturday 16th March

Swell - 1.8 - 2.4m 5 - 8ft

Wind - 18 - 24knts South

High Tide - 2.47pm

Low Tide - 8.43am

A bigger swell and some strong across shore winds make it tricky for surfers looking to get out a bit further but the early arvo tide makes it fun for learning most of the day.

Beginners - The banks have been good at the moment, especially on the mid tide. 11am onwards should be fun!

Look Out!! There's been a strong current on the higher tide heading north. It might mean you'll need to do a few walk arounds (come to the beach and walk around to your starting point).

Advanced Beginners - There's been some low tide reforms around but it's hard to tell if they will stay with the extra swell. Mid to high the best bet (midday onwards).

Look Out!! If you're paddling the current will be a hassle so expect to do walk arounds!

Intermediates - Have a look at high for some reforms.

Look Out!! The strong wind might make it too messy.

Sunday 17th March

Kids after school surfing lessons

Surf report is accurate as of 6pm 14/3/24 and is directed at surfers not taking surf lessons with us.

We get our information from GoodSurfNow

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