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Easter Weekend Surf Report For Beginner & Intermediate Surfers

We haven't had the best run with the surf conditions on long weekends this year and this weekend looks no different, there will be some little windows around the high tide to get a couple of waves if you come out around lunch time. Our pick for the best conditions is Monday late morning through the early arvo, Saturday could also have some fun waves depending on the wind and Sunday will have a mid to high tide wave too.

Beginner and Intermediate Surfers Weekend Surf Report
Jess from our Advanced Beginner course!

Friday 29th March

Swell - 2 - 2.4m 6 - 8ft

Wind - 20 - 24knts South West

High Tide - 12.47pm

Low Tide - 6.39am

A bigger swell and some strong onshore winds make it tricky for surfers looking to get out a bit further but the early arvo tide makes it fun for learning most of the day.

Beginners - The banks have been good at the moment, especially on the mid to high tide. 10am onwards will be the best option!

Look Out!! The strong wind will be a pain!

Advanced Beginners - Mid to high the best bet (11am - 1pm).

Look Out!! If you're paddling the current will be a hassle so expect to do walk arounds!

Intermediates - Have a look at high for some reforms.

Look Out!! The strong wind might make it too messy.

Saturday 30th March

Swell  - 1.8 - 2.4m 5 - 8ft

Wind  - 9 - 20knts South

High Tide - 1.22pm

Low Tide - 7.14am

The reports on Saturday are a bit conflicting with some suggesting light SE winds and others strong S winds. If the winds are light the mid to high tide will be fun.

Beginners - The mid tide coming in will be the best bet (11am - 2pm).

Look Out!! Avoid the low tide (early or late) and keep an eye out on the wind strength.

Advanced Beginners - Hopefully we should find some waves on the mid to high!

Look Out!! When the swell is a bit bigger there will be reforms on the mid tide too.

Intermediates - If the wind is light you might find something good at high.

Look Out!! Avoid the low tide.

Sunday 31st March

Swell  - 1.5 - 2m 5 - 6ft

Wind  - 13 - 18knts South

High Tide - 2.04pm

Low Tide - 7.55am

The swell should have settled by Sunday and if the winds are not too strong there will be some fun waves for learners.

Beginners - The timing of the high tide makes it pretty safe all day, the best time will be 11.30am onwards.

Look Out!! Avoid the morning before 10am

Advanced Beginners - 1pm - 3pm looks like it will have some fun ones.

Look Out!! Avoid the low.

Intermediates - Have a look at high for some reforms.

Look Out!! Keep an eye on the current.

Monday 1st April

Swell  - 1.5 - 1.8m 4 - 5ft

Wind  - 10knts South, SW

High Tide - 2.57pm

Low Tide - 8.46am

Monday is the pick of the long weekend with the smaller swell and light winds!

Beginners - It should be really fun! Look to surf from midday onwards!

Look Out!! Avoid the lower tide in the morning.

Advanced Beginners - Monday looks the best day for finding a wave, come around midday for some little green waves hopefully!

Look Out!! Avoid the low tide in the morning.

Intermediates - High tide should be fun.

Look Out!! Low tide in the morning won't be worth the hassle.

Kids after school surfing lessons

Surf report is accurate as of 2pm 28/3/24 and is directed at surfers not taking surf lessons with us.

We get our information from GoodSurfNow

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