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Surf Report For Beginner & Intermediate Surfers 6th & 7th April

Beautiful light offshore winds predicted with a morning high tide.

Beginner and Intermediate Surfers Weekend Surf Report
Dylan coming out of a barrel on Tuesday! Photo Norrie

Saturday 6th April

Swell - 1.8m or 4 - 5ft

Wind - Light Easterly offshore

High Tide - 8.27am

Low Tide - 2.40pm

With beautiful conditions out the back this weekend for intermediate and advanced surfers it's still important that you're coming out around the high tide if you're a beginner or advanced beginner surfer.

Beginners - Early will be best! Expect excellent conditions from first light until about 11am

Look Out!! Look to avoid the low tide (1pm onwards).

Advanced Beginners - Get there for the high. I know it means waking up early but I think it will be worth it. (7am -10am looks best).

Look Out!! The low tide in the arvo will be worth skipping.

Intermediates - Better surfers will find great waves all day with the light offshores, low tide will be gnarly if you're into hollow ones.

Look Out!! Only surf on the low if you're very confident with your ability.

Sunday 7th April

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Surf report is accurate as of 10.30pm 4/4/24 and is directed at surfers not taking surf lessons with us.

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