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Waitangi Weekend Surf Report For Beginner & Intermediate Surfers

Not such a flash looking report for the weekend so we will be shut Saturday and Sunday. There will hopefully be opportunities on Monday and Tuesday for waves though.

Beginner and Intermediate Surfers Weekend Surf Report
Muriwai Beach on a big swell!

Saturday 3rd February

Swell - 3.5m - 4.2m

Wind - 25kts West

High Tide - 4.17pm

Low Tide - 10.07am

A very big swell rising all day, we will be shut due to unsafe conditions. We recommend no one enters the water for surfing!

Beginners - There's not much info I can drop here other than it's not a day for surfing at Muriwai.

Look Out!! N/A

Advanced Beginners - See beginners

Look Out!! N/A

Intermediates - See beginners

Look Out!! N/A

Sunday 4th February

Tuesday 6th February Waitangi Day

Muriwai Surf School surf camp
More info on our Tropical Surf Trip

Surf report is accurate as of 1pm 2/2/24 and is directed at surfers not taking surf lessons with us.

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